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A scientifically validated personality & cognitive assessment based on neuro-science forms the blueprint of this match, which will give you the insight and knowledge you need to develop your talents as a professional, as well as provide you with the perfect overview of matching skills and desires of you and your future partner, colleague or business partner. 

Recruiters use our platform during their matching process, professionals to give their development a boost and entrepreneurs to gain insight in the personality of their business partners.


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You are unique. How your brain deals with emotions and knowledge is different from everyone else’s. How it , stores this knowledge and influences your behavior accordingly, is different from everyone else’s. To get the most out of yourself, or just get yourself in the right seat, it is of importance to gain an insight into who you are and what that means for your career.

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Find your results in your Pure Personality Report in your inbox right away. Including personalised tips, advice and suggestions to help you grow and develop as an employee, business partner or entrepreneur. You can easily use these results for every new job opportunity.

4. Match!

Watch the magic unfold as our algorithm does its job, and tells you whether you and your future employee, manager or business partner are indeed a personality fit or not.


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Pure Matching is the next big thing for the future in hiring and matching.

Gerwin HopCo-founder en Owner Over Morgenhttps://

Pure Matching ensures that we can select our candidates faster and better. The matching results are amazing.

Roel van GorkumSr. Manager USG Peoplehttps://

Finally, an algorithm that ensures that my ‘gut feeling’ to be made concrete. Groundbreaking, can’t say otherwise.

Marja PadbergRecruiter / Founder / Owner Klick-Interimhttps://

You can learn skills to put on your cv, but you cannot change your personality. Thus, as a recruitment & selection agency we want a platform that allows the best match to surface based on personality. Not the most beautiful cv based on skills alone. Pure Matching provides us with that platform.

Sandra BeenCEO Pure Assistantshttps://

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