Smart People, use Smart Matching.

Elevate your business to new levels

Instead of going through tens or hundreds cv’s, (not even knowing for sure that the right candidate is between those), you use Pure Matching at the beginning of the recruitment process. You save yourself a lot of time and energy and even better: this helps you to hire better candidates who are more suitable to do the job.

Scientifically proven & patented

Led by a team of cutting-edge scientists, researchers and engineers, a personality model has been developed (HEXACO) that maps your personality in 6 dimensions. Your entire personality is based on these six dimensions.

The origin of our personality

You can view your biological identity as a personal filter that lies over your world of experiences. And it’s quite unique to map that into a blue-print which also can be matched. (!)

It’s all about the right candidate.

Candidate score

Our AI matching technology accurately predicts the match between a candidate and a job and increases your candidate engagement by 73%. This prediction will be translated into a candidate matching score and detailed profile.

Automated candidate insight

Missing out on a job and never hearing why is a real dealbreaker for your company’s candidate experience. That’s why all candidates automatically receive feedback after finishing their application by giving them their personality report.

Hiring without prejudgement

Without the prejudice of race, age, experience or gender: the applicant remains anonymous until selected. It is proven that after using our tool, the work relation is more effective, more engaged, more satisfied and contributes to better results.

Top match, smart hiring.


Let’s say you are hiring. The assessment maps your own neuro-personality ánd that of your ideal (future) colleague. All the candidates applying do the same for themselves ánd their future colleague (that’s you). So here we are: a cross-match based on your biological identity and desired profile of your future colleague and vice versa.Match scores below 75% are not sustainable, so you can immediately see which results and people you can get started with. This is unique: not a platform in the world can do this cross-match.

The algorithm

The assessment maps your neuro-personality as to gain an overall picture of your biological identity. This allows us to map out your personality as well as the person you are being matched with in great detail and bypass the pitfall of matching by means of skills on a cv only.

Let the figures speak for themselves

73% Less time spend on hiring, 50% more Data-driven-decisions, decrease in employee turnover rates up to 70% and +89,7%  more engaged applicants.


Het online persoonlijkheid assessment is ontwikkeld op basis van vele jaren (neuro)wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Dit assessment brengt jouw persoonlijkheid in kaart, zodat je een totaalbeeld krijgt van jouw biologische identiteit.

Het invullen duurt slechts tussen de 12 en 15 minuten

Rustig moment
Kies een rustig moment om het assessment in te vullen. Mocht je onverhoopt midden in het (online) ontwikkel-assessment gestoord worden, dan kan je op een later moment verdergaan.

Voor jezelf. En de ander.
De vragen vul je in voor jezelf. Én voor de ander.  Vul daarom de vragen zo eerlijk mogelijk in op basis van je eerste ingeving. Zo verzeker je jezelf van een zo waardevol mogelijk feedbackrapport.

Match jezelf met jouw ideale collega

Met jouw rapport onder de arm kun je jezelf matchen met je toekomstige collega, manager, compagnon of businesspartner. Of je laten matchen als onderdeel van het sollicitatieproces. De match zegt iets over de correlatie tussen jouw persoonlijkheid en die van de ander. 

Het revolutionaire algoritme kijkt dus naar jouw persoonlijkheid, je gewenste ideaalbeeld van je partner en andersom: dus diegene die de match ook heeft ingevuld en zijn ideaalbeeld van jou. Daar wordt een wetenschappelijk gevalideerde berekening op losgelaten en daaruit resulteert de match. Match-scores onder de 75% zijn niet duurzaam, zodat je direct ziet met welke resultaten en mensen je aan de slag kunt.

Als je één-op-één aan de slag wilt met jouw Pure Personality Rapport kunnen wij je koppelen aan een Pure Academy certified professional coach. Wij zorgen ervoor dat je de gesprekspartner krijgt op het niveau dat bij je past; variërend van junior tot senior.

Start vandaag nog met het maximale uit jezelf te halen


Pure Matching’s the online personality assessment finds its base in many years of (neuro) scientific research. The assessment maps your personality as to gain an overall picture of your biological identity. This allows us to map out your personality as well as the person you are being matched with in great detail and bypass the pitfall of matching by means of skills on a cv only.

The assessment takes about 12 to 15 minutes to complete.

Quiet moment
Choose a quiet moment to fill in the assessment. In the unlikely event that you are disturbed in the (online) development assessment, you can continue at a later time.

For yourself. And the other.
You fill in the statements for yourself. And for the other person. Therefore fill in the questions as honestly as possible based on your first suggestion. This way you ensure yourself of a feedback report that is as valuable as possible.

More then just a match.

Your personal Pure Personality Report gives you an insight into your personality. This report contains the results of your profile and your online development assessment with a clear explanation of how you can interpret the results. Your profile is for you alone. It is then up to you whether you want to share the insights with others.

Pure Matching works together with a group of (international) scientists to further optimize the model behind the algorithm. In the Netherlands we work together with the Vrije Universiteit, where Prof. dr. Dr. Reinout de Vries leads the team of scientists.

We also have a Pure Matching Beta platform (feed forward), where new scientific insights are processed in the PureMatching Beta program immediately as to have you benefit from the newest developments right away and in real time. A unique form of co-creation.

Match yourself with your ideal colleague

With your report now completed  you can match yourself with your future colleague, manager, partner or business partner or have it used as part of an application process.

Our revolutionary algorithm looks at your personality, your desired ideal image of your colleague, employee, manager or business partner and vice versa: ie the person who has filled in the match and his ideal image of you. A scientifically validated calculation is released and from that the match results. Match scores below 75% are not sustainable, so you can immediately see which results and people you can get started with.

If you want to work  more in-depth with your Pure Personality Report and get the most out of it, we can link you to a Pure Academy certified professional coach.

Start today. Get the best out of yourself.